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Home Automation

Rupin transforms your home into smart homes. You get complete control of your home in your mobile phone. From controlling switches to setting timers for appliances, you can automate all the home appliances with Rupin Smart.

IOT and AI Support

Rupin Smart Home leverages the Power of IOT and AI to make your home experience richer.

Remote Control

With Rupin App you can add any number of appliances in your home. You can control any appliances from anywhere in the world using Rupin App.


Its secured with Advanced Encryption Standard. Give us a call or Contact any dealer to transform your home into smart home.


Easy to Access

Appliances are accessible from anywhere in the world with Rupin Mobile Application, You can control, regulate and monitor your appliances anytime from anywhere


Your Home becomes secure with Rupin Smart Security System. Monitor security camera from anywhere with Rupin Mobile App. You can control guest access to your home wirelessly from anywhere in the world.

Energy Saver

Optimiation of energy usages can save energy and your electricity bill. You can monitor and control your energy usages

Dimming Feature

You can Regulate your fan or control brightness of your lights, you can create ambienece as per your mood

Smoke Detector

Rupin Sense comes with Smoke detector inbuild which gives Alert on smoke detection through rupin mobile application.

Temperature Control

You can control temperature of your room with Rupin Univeral Remote which can be configured as per your Air Conditioner

Easy Installation

Schedule, Install. its just a two step process and we take care of all. Convert your ordinary home into smart home within 60 Mins

Set Timer

Timer is used for measuring specific time intervals. Appliances can be regulated using the timer, which can be set using the mobile application.

Get Alerts

Get Alerts for smoke detection, fire alert, energy usage, intrusion detection etc. You are always informed, so you can make informed decisions

“Alexa Turn on the Fan in my bedroom”

  • Easy Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Now give your commands with your voice assistant.
  • Change Light Brightness, Change Fan Speed, Control AC or TV, Even unlock the door, by just a voice command.


Rupin Soul

Rupin Soul acts as the CPU of smart home system. It can connect upto 50 Rupin Switch Controllers. It does not require Home Internet Connection.


  • Controls over 50 Appliances
  • Wifi - 2.4 GHz
  • Configurable Colors
  • Dimension - 100mm x 100mm x 40mm

Rupin Sense


  • Wall/Ceiling Mount
  • Sensors-Temperature/Humidity/Smoke/Detector/LPG Detector/Presence Sensor
  • Unlike PIR Sensors, Rupin Sense does not require human movement to detect humans
  • Real Time update on Mobile Application
  • Used for Ambience control in Room

Rupin Touch


  • Touch Switch
  • Works with Rupin Switch Controllers
  • On/Off Switch and Fan Regulator
  • Multiple Colors and Designs

Rupin Node-Switch Controller


  • Fits inside the switch board
  • Variants - 1,2,3,4,6 Channel
  • Control one Appliance per channel
  • Regulator / Dimmer on all the channels
  • Power per channel - 2500 W
  • Compatible with Regular Mechanical Switches and Rupin Touch
  • Control with Mobile Application and voice Assistant like Alexa/Google Home

Mobile Application

Create Home, add rooms, add appliances.

Add Family members and friends, share access, and control access.

Control Appliances with mobile app from anywhere in the world.

Get Alerts on mobile phone for fire, smoke, intrusion, overuse of electricity etc.

Schedule timings for your appliances to operate. You can set your AC to turn on at anytime you want.

Door Unlock, if you have guests at your door.

How we work


Connect with us, we will schedule a meeting with our automation expert.


Plan the best automation products for your home with features specially tailored for your experience


Our installation team visits, and installs the system


You have now converted your home into smart home.


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